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We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things,
not because they are easy, but because they are hard.
-- John F. Kennedy, 1962

Welcome to the Apollo GitHub.

Apollo is an open autonomous driving platform. It is a high performance flexible architecture which supports fully autonomous driving capabilities. For business contact, please visit http://apollo.auto


We strongly recommend building Apollo in our pre-specified Docker environment. See the following instructions on how to set up the docker environment and build from source.

The docker environment can be set by the commands below.

bash docker/scripts/install_docker.sh
# logout and login the computer to make sure to run docker command without sudo
docker ps  # to verify docker works without sudo
# in case you forgot to logout and login back, do so, remove ~/.docker/config.json
# and check again with `docker ps`
bash docker/scripts/dev_start.sh
bash docker/scripts/dev_into.sh

To build from source

bash apollo.sh build

Run Apollo

Follow the steps below to launch Apollo:

Start Apollo

# start module monitor
bash scripts/bootstrap.sh

Access Dreamview

Access Dreamview by opening your favorite browser, e.g. Chrome, go to http://localhost:8888 Access Dreamview

Replay demo rosbag

# in a different terminal, in the apollo directory
bash docker/scripts/dev_into.sh # jump into the docker container
bash ./docs/demo_guide/rosbag_helper.sh download # download rosbag
rosbag play -l ./docs/demo_guide/demo_1.5.np.bag

Dreamview should show a running vehicle now. (The following image might be different due to changes in frontend.) Dreamview with Trajectory

Advanced users who wish to build outside this Docker container can refer to the corresponding Docker specification file (./docker/dev.dockerfile).


Apollo documents can be found under the docs repository.

Ask Questions

You are welcome to submit questions and bug reports as Github Issues.

Apollo is provided under the Apache-2.0 license.


Please refer the Disclaimer of Apollo in Apollo official website.